Tech Data sees the channel is changing
and anticipates


Tech Data is evolving with the changes it observes in the market. Executive members Patrick Steenssens and Marc van Ierland are no fans of the famous buzzwords and prefer to look at the bigger picture. Tech Data is innovating, not in a futuristic way and without getting lost in buzzwords, but in a very down to earth and practical manner.

In which way can we help Partners now and in the foreseeable future? 

“We have set a course for our vision, and we don’t change this course every three months, Steenssens says. “There are a few growth pillars in which we believe very strongly.”

In an interview with Dutch IT-channel, Patrick Steenssens and Marc van Ierland give their opinion on the future and also discuss the strategic approach of Tech Data on themes like Cloud, IoT, Security and Modern Workspace.