Create Your Home Workspace

We’ll help you set up your desk with tech essentials designed to work with your flow, so you can be more productive, easily connect and collaborate, and minimize discomfort and distraction. 

Tips for maximizing productivity


Set a routine

Make a schedule an stick to it. Include breaks


Avoid the sofa

Set yourself up with a separate screen, mouse and keyboard and adjust them for comfort


Shake it up

Sitting for hours takes a psychological toll. Try varying your position baed on activity, stand up, stretch, cardio and breathing exercises


Look your best

A high-quality external webcam is a valuable asset for any video meeting or conference


Listen up

Struggling to stay focused? Block out distractions with a noise-cancelling headset


Press record

Get more efficiency out of your workplace sessions and cut down on side conversations by recording your online meetings


Laptop Hacks

Laptops are unfortunately far less ergonomic than a desktop setup. Stacking yours securely on top of a few books while using an external keyboard and mouse can help


Set up your chair

Aim for a seating position that lets your feet rest firmly on the floor, which helps to stabilize the pelvis.Try to keep your elbows flush with the table so that your neck, shoulder, and arms have to do as little work as possible


Positioning is key

Your mouse and keyboard position matters! Place your external keyboard near the edge of your desk, with your mouse immediately nearby. And center your space key to the middle of your body and to your screen.

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