Working from home is here to stay

Even after the Covid-19 crisis 50% of the people indicate they want to (partly) continue working at home. 

That is why many employers are now making long-term investments in a home office solution. To make it easy for employers and to offer employees a good set of workstations, we have developed the Home Working Box. We have several boxes including a laptop stand, a compact keyboard and a mouse pad for a better working posture. Each box each box is available with or without a vertical mouse.


Elevate your experience

Laptop stands elevate the laptop screen and shorten the viewing distance.

You will have less neck strain and work more comfortably.

  • An ergonomic laptop stand with a document holder also increases productivity. Because the documents are aligned with the screen and the keyboard, it is easier on the neck.
  • A compact keyboard makes it more comfortable to work with because it reduces the reaching distance to the mouse which reduces the strain on the forearms and shoulder. Dark letters on a light background makes reading easier, and contributes to increased productivity.
  • A vertical mouse is grabbed in a “hand shake” position. This causes your wrist to bend less sideways, making the forearm turn less inwards. As a result, muscle activity in the forearm is lower than with a standard mouse.

Research shows that the use of a vertical mouse leads to faster recovery of arm, wrist, and hand complaints.

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