First installation Home Office Pod

Our first Home Office Pod installation is a fact.

Working from home became the new standard for all of us. We all know things haven’t been easy, our loved ones running around in the background, lots of ambient noise and lots of people working from the kitchen, the attic or a spare bedroom.

That’s why we ran our Ultimate Home Office incentive during the first quarter, where you could win your own Home Office Pod !   In the meantime this incentive has finished and our 4 lucky winners will receive the Home Office Pod to experience for themselves the advantages of this unique concept for 3 months. Especially useful in the current Hybrid Work environment!

The Pods guarantee full privacy, comfort and have all the provisions one might need!

Last week the first Office Pod installation took place at our partner Signpost. Congratulations !

We would like to thank everyone who took part in our incentive and of course our partners who helped realize this fantastic incentive!

Interested in this concept ?  Email: