Check “the making of” another succesfull Office Pod installation 

Another succesfull “Home Office Pod” installation.

Beginning of September the next Office Pod installation took place at our partner Fraeye Hardware Group. Congratulations !

Hybrid Working became the new standard for all of us. So our Ultimate Home Office incentive of Q1, comes in handy !  No more ambient noise in the background. No more improvising from the kitchen, the attic or a spare bedroom.                                             The Pods guarantee full privacy, comfort and have all the provisions one might need like heating, fridge, coffee machine and plenty of space for your IT-devices and file cabinets.


Steven Van Hoeke (CEO Fraeye Hardware Group) : The Office Pod couldn’t arrive at a better time, with colleagues returning to the office an extra quite space for work & creativity next to the office rush is a great added-value to the company.


A big thank you to everyone who took part in this incentive and of course our partners who helped realize this fantastic incentive!

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